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The Headless Horseman Rides But once more

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Every calendar 12 months all through the thirty day interval of Oct and at moments into early November, I show my EFL pupils the Disney animated version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hole”. The net video serves many causes every didactic and non-didactic. It continues to be well-liked with the faculty college students no matter their age, primary or occupation.

The Legend of Sleepy Hole

Most of you’re possible frequent with Washington Irving’s typical American small story, initially penned in 1819-1820, primarily based totally on a German folktale. A transient schoolmaster, Icabod Crane, comes within the little colonial burg of Sleepy Hole located close to Tarrytown, in Westchester County of New York state. As he integrates into the regional trendy society, he falls for a rich farmer’s daughter, Katrina Van Tassel. The superstitious pedagogue battles a group rival for the cheap maid’s favors. On the night of October thirty first throughout festivities on the Van Tassel property ghost tales defined to by the attendees convey out the worst of Icabod’s fears. 1 story in distinct, that of a Headless Horseman who rides one specific night time every calendar 12 months in search for of a brand new head, terrifies the schoolmaster previous all else. The hapless schoolteacher afterward encounters the legendary Headless Horseman and … Nicely, should you by no means know the remainder of the story it’s actually value a learn.

Location the stage

The complete-shade, animated attribute operates about half-hour, so it’s fast loads of to wholesome correctly right into a 90-moment course session. I prepare a two-site worksheet to help the scholars adjust to the story and extract vital data and information as they observe. To established the part all spherical we speak about legends in Colombia which can maybe embody:

o The Three Crosses (Las Tres Cruces)

o Chupacabra (like a female “Boogeyman”)

o El Duende (associated to a Leprechaun)

o Pata Sola (like a a single-legged “Bigfoot”)

Are you superstitious?

After seeing the story and functioning by the use of the method sheet, we have a look at solutions and responses. We chat about their likes and dislikes which could be associated to these individuals discovered within the story. I additionally discuss to about their superstitions and reactions to predicaments like:

o Breaking a mirror

o A black cat or black butterfly approaching them

o Making use of a brush to thrust back poor luck

o Strolling beneath a ladder

The train, in primary, is useful for English ranges from beginner to higher intermediate and additional than. It serves as an instance some options of historic previous, tradition and customs within the U.s. linked with the slide of the 12 months.

The Worksheet is obtainable

In case you have accessibility to this specific video clip and want to have a replica of the worksheet I take advantage of, e-mail your ask for to me at: and Sick be completely satisfied to ship out you one specific correct absent.

Though I’m not an exquisite proponent of using complete movies for their very own sake within the EFL classroom, I do favor making use of transient, 5 minute or so on-line video clips on occasion. Audio visuals like video clips do assist in lowering the affective filter of the faculty college students and may tremendously market discovering when utilized judiciously.