What is Education Fast Forward?

effEducation Fast Forward (EFF) looks at education problems around the world and  invites and challenges stakeholders from around the world to debate and then take action to solve those problems. EFF debates are scheduled regularly, and are streamed for the world audience. Speakers such as Carol Bellamy, known for her United Nations work (UNICEF/Peace Corps), and Andreas Schleicher, PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) expert, attend and share. The beauty of these debates is that you can also participate no matter where you are in the world via Twitter. The Education Fast Forward debate hashtag is #effdebate and Twitter handle is @effdebate. Take a step beyond local and go global to make an education difference. Join forces with the greatest education minds of the century on the Road to 2015. For more on the Education Fast Forward debate schedule, content, and past gatherings, check out this page and more on Planet, as well as view the short video: What is Education Fast Forward, with Gavin Dykes.

Education Fast Forward
Ken Royal

Ken Royal is an educator with 34 years of classroom/school and instructional technology teaching experience, as well as a blogger on all things education and education technology. Teaching accomplishments include: 4-time district teacher of the year, Connecticut Middle School Teacher of the Year, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates award for Technology School of Excellence. He is an Education storyteller. Follow @KenRoyal on Twitter.
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