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On a flight to San Francisco, I began thinking about the role of the leader in our professional lives. When I became a leader in my former district it was a huge transition for me. Two years later I am still trying to piece together what leadership means, and how I can be a better leader in the future. A while back I wanted to see what others were thinking and reading so naturally I took to Twitter and got a lot of great suggestions for books about leadership. I Storified the results which you can follow here. There are some excellent suggestions, and some that may surprise you. I can say that I have read a few, but need to make time for more of the others.

20/20 Vision For Technology was a blog post that I just happened to come across while looking at some other things. What Nick Provenzano has written is so true. He asks some tough questions we all must consider in this age of rapidly changing technology. What is our vision, and how will we keep up? Definitely something we all need to think about.

The First Follower

Playing on the leadership theme still, this video (below), is hands down, one of my favorite TED Talks. We have been doing a lot of PD for our Administrators in my district and getting them to think about being a lone leader. But what has me thinking is the First Follower. As leaders, how do we ensure we are followable? How can I be more followable, and what are the qualities that make someone want to follow?

Theories For The Digital Age: The Digital Natives Discourse is a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Steve Wheeler. You need to read Steve’s post to get the full feeling for what he is saying. I have been in many discussions about whether or not kids are Digital Natives. I know that I could hand my daughter at 18 months my iPad and she could unlock it, get to her letter game and play. No one taught her how to do that. Had she watched me? Sure, maybe a few times. But the fact is that the more she interacts with technology the more she is able to do more things that I didn’t think she could do. This is leading me to believe that kids are wired differently now, and therefore, are learning differently. But we continue treating them all the same. So what does that mean for school leadership and schools? We surely have to adapt, but how does the role of the leader adapt along with it?

About the author: Steven Anderson is @Web20Classroom on Twitter. Steven has been a teacher, an instructional technology integrator, speaker/presenter, and education leader. Today, he is an education evangelist at Promethean. Steven is a regular contributor to Connect Learning Today.

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson is @Web20Classroom on Twitter. Steven is a teacher, an instructional technology integrator, speaker/presenter, and education leader. He will be a regular at Connect Learning Today.
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