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If you’ve tried incorporating reflection and feedback into the learning process, the Teaching and Learning International Survey, TALIS, from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) aims to do the same. Teachers and school leaders from around the world responded to a survey to reflect on their teaching practice. The results were compiled and presented in an effort to better inform governments, ministers of education and others of the emerging trends in global education and how we improve the teaching profession.

Teachers from 34 countries responded to the 2013 survey, reflecting on everything from their pedagogical beliefs, and well as their attitudes concerning teaching practice, including time spent directly teaching vs. time spent on other tasks. Their reflection covered the value of professional development, and how often they received feedback from school leaders. Questions about job satisfaction were key to the findings. School leaders were also had similar survey questions.

The results are fascinating and many surprising. They are compared, country-by-country, and offer suggestions on how schools, school leaders and teachers can improve in their profession. Take time to read the TALIS Teachers’ Guide. It is a breakdown of the most important survey areas, what they mean, and the suggestions for teaching improvement. It’s a great introduction to the overall results.

Kristen Weatherby, TALIS, OECD

Kristen Weatherby, TALIS, OECD

Jim Wynn

Jim Wynn, Education Fast Forward Foundation

You can also check out the Education Fast Forward 10 Debate that took place on June 25th, where the results were released. The panelists looked deeper at the results and how the data could be used to improve global education. Furthermore, on Tuesday July 15 at 11:30am EDT, I will be interviewing Kristen Weatherby from OEDC and Jim Wynn founder of Education Fast Forward to get their take on the results, what they mean for teachers and how we can use the results to make improvements in education in the US and around the globe.

Visit the Free Global Teacher Webinar to sign up. The Webinar will also be recorded for anyone, who can’t attend live. Take your teaching global!

About the author: Steven Anderson is @Web20Classroom on Twitter. Steven has been a teacher, an instructional technology integrator, speaker/presenter, and education leader. Today, he is an education evangelist at Promethean. Steven is a regular contributor to Connect Learning Today.

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson is @Web20Classroom on Twitter. Steven is a teacher, an instructional technology integrator, speaker/presenter, and education leader. He will be a regular at Connect Learning Today.
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