Rally the Class Peace Day: Live Broadcasts

Sir-Michael-Caine1In any time, and especially during times like these, can you afford not to participate in a celebration of peace? On September 21, an international day of peace, there will be a 24-hour live event happening all over the world. It will include a live broadcast from the Hague, another from Medellín, Colombia, free viewing of the Peace One Day Journey documentary, live global forums for peace with leading actors from around the world, including Jude Law, and Sir Michael Caine, as well as live music and interviews. With a 24-hour event, there’ll be no missing it, wherever in the world you and your class are located. Time zones won’t get in the way of this giant celebration for peace.

You may want to start out by asking yourself and your students,  “With whom will you make peace?” That simple question should begin a local discussion, which will easily transition into a larger global debate. You and your class can be a part of this world experience together and become ambassadors for peace without leaving classroom seats.

Between now and the live 24-hour peace broadcast on September 21, 2013, please share, and have your students share, with everybody you and they know. While the debate on how to make a difference for peace requires a concentrated, serious effort, sharing the Live Peace Celebration with others may be one of the easiest ways to begin. See you and your students at the largest peace rally online! We can do this!

Looking for more ways to make a difference? Peace One Day and Planet can be a start.

Ken Royal

Ken Royal is an educator with 34 years of classroom/school and instructional technology teaching experience, as well as a blogger on all things education and education technology. Teaching accomplishments include: 4-time district teacher of the year, Connecticut Middle School Teacher of the Year, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates award for Technology School of Excellence. He is an Education storyteller. Follow @KenRoyal on Twitter.
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