John Hattie: 3 Teaching Thoughts

jhJohn Hattie’s research style has been describe as “down to earth,” but you may prefer to say it’s the common sense we need educators and education leaders to hear. Even if reading research isn’t your thing, what Hattie has to say might change your mind. While you might not agree with his research on class size, especially if you’re an educator dealing with more than your share, you will appreciate this education change advocate.

Professor John Hattie has been Director of Research at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Australia, Professor of Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and for the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honors was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit. He is an education researcher, who has a way of talking to all educators, like an educator, and the statistics don’t get in the way. For those who like numbers, he always gives a starting benchmark, or reference point, that makes sense. John Hattie has the ability to make research understandable.

“What a kid needs is not more… he needs different,” says Dr. John Hattie.
Here are 3 teaching thoughts from John Hattie:

  1. Teachers need to know what students already know, and because they’re all different, realize that’s very different for each.
  1. Students need to know clearly, and up front what success looks like in the lessons they are about to do, without waiting until the end to find out.
  2. Closing the gap between where students are and what success looks like is the most powerful way we can fast forward learning.

Educators succeed— “When kids see themselves as their own teachers.” ~John Hattie

Editor’s Note:
This post is based on an interview by Peter Kent, Head of Strategy and Operations, Australia/New Zealand. John Hattie’s books are available online and other places.    good place to start is one from his Visible Learning series—Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning (12/17/11).

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