iTEC: Innovative Tech for Engaging Classrooms

Gill-L2If you’ve ever taught, you know how easy it is to get stuck in your own classroom world—and never see what’s happening outside of it. Well, what is the rest of the world doing? Don’t know? They’re doing exactly what you’re doing—or thinking about doing—or should be doing. They’re figuring out what future classrooms will look like, how to innovate using technology with students, changing curriculum, designing lessons, and thinking about the next new education, or EdTech trend. Let me introduce you to the ITEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms) project.

There are actually 14 countries involved in the iTEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms) schools project. They are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, and Turkey, as well as a few other schools that could be invited through partner programs.

iTec is a big project, with lots of teachers, speaking different languages, trying innovative things to engage future classrooms,” says Gill Leahy, who is on the Education Strategy Team at Promethean. Leahy and the iTEC project are not only looking at changing global classroom curriculum, but also modifying the classrooms in order to meet students’ and teachers’ needs today and for the future. The key is starting each school where it currently technologically stands—as well as helping to map where the schools will be in the future. There’s plenty of how-to and resources being developed along the way, too.

If you think developing the future classroom is difficult on a local level, just think about that on a global level. What’s interesting is that they’re asking similar questions to those heard from educators everywhere—for example: Teacher training or not and how much?  Facebook, Edmodo, Scratch… what else and what’s next?  What’s the least expensive route to the technology teachers and students need… and what are the detours around the politics? There are no national boundaries for those questions.

Ken Royal

Ken Royal is an educator with 34 years of classroom/school and instructional technology teaching experience, as well as a blogger on all things education and education technology. Teaching accomplishments include: 4-time district teacher of the year, Connecticut Middle School Teacher of the Year, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates award for Technology School of Excellence. He is an Education storyteller. Follow @KenRoyal on Twitter.
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