Interactive Tables with Class

tableclassEducators have suggested that if they had a device or solution that could work as easily as an iPad to fit the needs of small-group collaboration, it would be a valuable addition to any classroom environment or collaboration lab. Collaboration labs, similar to computer labs, outfitted with interactive tables, could offer a digital place for students to gather and work together. Students at the Ron Clark Academy in Georgia have been using ActivTables for collaborative math problem solving. This short video will give you an idea of how teachers and students have included interactive tables into their learning environment. Think of the possibilities for use in other classrooms, guidance rooms, libraries, or even for interactive faculty planning spaces. Enjoy students in action:

Ken Royal

Ken Royal is an educator with 34 years of classroom/school and instructional technology teaching experience, as well as a blogger on all things education and education technology. Teaching accomplishments include: 4-time district teacher of the year, Connecticut Middle School Teacher of the Year, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates award for Technology School of Excellence. He is an Education storyteller. Follow @KenRoyal on Twitter.
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